About Charles Allard

Charles Allard of Kent, WA, works as a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. Over the course of his 26-year career with the company, he has represented Microsoft in countless technical resource situations with a number of major American businesses. His primary responsibility as a field engineer involves training individuals in the use of the custom relational database platform Microsoft SQL Server so that trainees can optimize the server for a specific business environment. As an SQL Server specialist, Charles Allard has achieved several crucial certifications. He is ITIL 1.0 Foundation certified and MOF 4.0 certified. He also spends time engaging with professional organizations such as SQLPass, an association dedicated to the SQL Server.

Away from work Mr. Allard, a computer science business graduate of the University of Puget Sound, is active at his local church and contributes to the food distribution operation Northwest Harvest, which maintains a number of distribution centers, including a location in Kent, WA. Some of his personal interests include hiking and playing trumpet in a local orchestra. Also an avid runner and snow skier, he enjoys grilling out with his family in his leisure time.


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